Nashville Student Trip 2022 - Day 6

What a day it has been! This was our official last day of serving but have tomorrow at the water park. We started off the day with breakfast at the hotel, the powered eggs were my favorite. We then headed off to kids week. it was a very important day as today was salvation day and water day. We sung our songs (how marvelous is the kids and our favorite song). Lunch was next and we proceeded to listen to peoples testimonies which was very impactful. We headed to Glenview elementary to wipe down walls. Then we went back to proclamation and had tacos for dinner 🌮 We hosted a parents night out for the kids. In the midst of the chaos, we partied it down. Then we had our nightly debrief and went for a late night treat. Moana has never been sung so loud. When we got back all of students united in the parking lot and had and a blast dancing. We're so grateful for the week we've had and pumped for the water park tomorrow 

-Hannah Toven and Cassidy Hall







- Hannah Toven and Cassidy Hall