Zambia Student Trip 2022 - day 6

Hello from Zambia! Today was Thursday, one of our last days here. At the start of the day, we split into our groups for the devotionals! During the devotionals we joined the Cure staff to read Bible verses and discuss our thoughts on God’s word that we read. Shortly after this, Brandon and Jacob had a conversation with a surgeon, and ended up being invited to watch the team in the operating theater at Cure. The rest of the team joined some of the Cure doctors and nurses to do an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) outreach mission. We drove to a remote clinic and interacted with the families and children there to receive care. We made them bracelets, butterflies, and flowers. We gave out coloring sheets, markers, crayons, and stickers for them as well. This was a huge hit! The families loved this activity. After our interaction and outreach with the families, we headed back to the Cure facility. The Cure kitchen had prepared dinner for us which was so kind. We ate dinner, talked about our days, and then went into our debrief for the night. The community and love that has been built within this team has been so amazing and impactful and truly emulates God. Afterwards we played mafia which was absolutely amazing. Eli was the mafia by the way.

By Lily

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- Lily