HS Kenya 2022 Day 5

Jambo friends and family!

Today was day four of volunteering at the hospital here in Kijabe, Kenya! God has been moving in so many ways this week and today we got to be the hands and feet of Jesus in so many ways.

We started the day out worshipping with our brothers and sisters here at CURE. The morning was filled with lots of singing and dancing. Kirby attempted to dance (he kind of looked like a chicken haha) and we all tried our best to sing along in Swahili. Helmsley and Lindsay also lead us in a song of worship with our new friend Victor! The worship here is beautiful and it was such a blessing for us to be able to join the CURE staff at their chapel today.


After singing and dancing for Jesus, we were off to work! Lindsay and Helmsley worked with children in the ward. They actively represented Christ as they spread joy to the children recovering from surgeries. They painted nails, painted casts, sang for the children and brought them bracelets. As Lindsay and Helmsley worked at the ward, Landon helped out with the media team. He interviewed patients on their experiences and stories and learned a lot about how God is healing the individuals at CURE International. God was also moving in the laundry room as Kirby and Jackson joyfully helped in folding laundry and interacting with the staff there. One of the many things that the Lord has been showing us is how He moves actively and powerfully in every area of our lives. The areas that we would not normally think of when we think of a Hospital (like the laundry room) are just as impactful and needed as all of the rest because God moves EVERYWHERE. After helping in laundry, Jackson and Kirby ran into Kendall and I in the kitchen where we got to help clean the dishes! We interacted with the kitchen staff and had a lot of fun hearing their stories. After helping all around the hospital, we meet for tea and split up again. Helmsley, Lindsay and Jackson went to the ward to love on children some more, Kirby and Landon helped in the Kitchen, and Kendall and I got to help out in the workshop where they make shoes and braces for the children who need corrective surgeries on their feet and legs. This was an amazing opportunity to again see how God works in so many different and unexpected ways. While all of us were volunteering in the kitchen, ward, laundry room, and workshop, Sarah got the incredible opportunity to watch two surgeries. The nurses and surgeons pray before every surgery and Sarah got to see how God moves through them first hand. Sarah is a nurse on a surgical floor so she also got to speak with and relate to the nurses working here which was super encouraging for her. 


After a very busy morning, we enjoyed some good lunch! As we consumed some chipote and French fries, we got to hear a testimony from the head of Hospitality at the Hospital, Mary. Mary has been such a welcoming and encouraging person for us from the very beginning so it was really cool to hear her story. Her story was very uplifting and I really felt God moving and speaking through her. I learned a lot about how God can still use me even though I am young because He will always equip us when we listen to Him and follow the path He has made for us.

After eating lunch, we all headed to a house in the community. We met a boy named Austin. He is 15 and getting surgery on his foot. We were welcomed with a warm smile from his mother, Lillian and got to hear their story and learn more about Austin and what he likes to do. God was ever present in their home as we sat and told them about Jesus. Lindsay told them the story of Jonah and I felt the Holy Spirit speaking through me as I shared my testimony with them. Both Lillian and Austin believe in Christ and it was very impactful to see the amount of faith and peace Lillian had in God for the healing of Austin. This experience was also very impactful for us as we got to witness how it is to live here. It has been so convicting and humbling to see the amount of gratitude that fills this country when so little seems to fill the place we call home.

Overall, today was an amazing day filled with encounters with God and moments of learning. We cannot wait to see what else God is going to reveal to us in our time here and are eager to share with you even more when we return!

- Chloe Wright :)

- Chloe Wright