Salt Lake City-July2022-last day!

This has been such an amazing trip and we have been so lucky to have this opportunity to serve this city and share the gospel! To begin the day we started off with a hike to a waterfall. The hike was a great way to wake up and get ready to serve in the afternoon. Once we reached the waterfall we rested and looked upon the city of Ogden, there we took turns praying over the city and also took in the beautiful scenery. In the afternoon we went back to GP ( Genesis Project). The youth pastor, Andrew told us some ways to help the church like cleaning and making a closet a whole hang out area! We listened to some jams while sweeping and mopping the youth group room. We made a new hang out area where the new snack shack will be and hung lots of old records on the walls to look nicer, but then they all fell, so that’s a lot of hard work down the drain. (They will hang them back up later. 😉) then we went to Willard Bay and had Michael do an amazing youth service, then we got to go play on the lake. There was an inflatable water park and it was super fun! Then we got to eat Chick-fil-A and spend time with friends. From there we went back to LCA and got ready for tomorrow and had a really good devotional from Kaden! The next day was travel day and we got up at 5:15am to pack up all of our things for our flight home. We drove to the airport and got breakfast before our flight. The girls of course got Starbucks because who can’t go without Starbucks! We all headed to the gate so we can fly home! We had an amazing trip! See you all soon! EC12335C-E044-44EC-8BC0-D8C5D499F116.jpeg3E7D99C9-0430-46C5-889D-877CE85597FC.jpegB66B367E-B43A-475A-9D39-97EA81C7CB94.jpeg

- Sarah, Summer, Shae, Lola, Paige