Nashville Student Trip 2022 - Day 5

Today we started off with breakfast at the hotel. Then headed to proclamation church to do our daily devo in the parking lot today it was lead my Lucas. After finishing that we headed off to the third day of kids week which today involved a work sheet in missions, making a crown in crafts, learning a new dance and bible verse. After finishing that we did testimony’s, everyone was raw, open, and vulnerable. After each testimony we do two snaps and a thumbs up, Madi smith got four snaps and a thumbs up. We headed back to second harvest this time we served in the produce section so it was a little warmer than yesterday but a much different task, we had to weigh the vegetables and then stack the boxes. In this process we ended up dealing with some disgusting peppers that were really moldy. After we sorted over 7 thousand pounds of produce.We went to Logan Deckers youth group, there we listened to a passage in Matthew, played life size battle ship, state trivia, and sang worship. When we got back to the hotel we all jumped in the pool fully clothed. Next post will be tomorrow!!

-Madi Smith & Nicole Sharon




- Madi Smith & Nicole Sharon