Zambia Student Trip 2022 - day 5

So, hello dear friends and family and my dear pet fish, I hope all is well cross the big blue ‘lantic. Today has been a really great experience, definitely our most full day so far. This morning Karli and Lily made funky exotic waffles in the sandwich maker and they were delightful. After that scrumptious breky, we went off to chapel and sang to our Lord with the staff from the hospital. We went back to the house where we have been staying and grabbed some craft supplies to take to the children’s ward. We made bracelets with rubber bands, beads, and pipe cleaners for maybe an hour with the moms and kids. I got to check in with one of the girlies who I have been keeping up with this past week, who went into surgery yesterday. We played on the playground for another thirty minutes with Precious, Steven, and Kennedy, who honestly all have smiles that could power this entire planet plus some. After that, we took a little break back at the house that may have involved a multitude of faces being slapped with moldy tortillas and lots of laughter (if you are feeling concerned, you should be). Following that, we went and had a really really good lunch of nshema and chicken, and then we headed over to the play room to act out a play about Noah and the flood for the kids. I was honored with helping Thelma glue little animals on her blue paper and I seriously cannot express how adorable she is. We gave out those beautiful heart pillows that a lot of kids studiously tied during vacation bible school back in the states. Sad to say, one of the little boys discovered that they were not made to withstand a violent series of attacks on his surrounding peers, but it’s ok because it was super easy to tie back up. We went back to the house and played a game of Mafia that involved quite a bit of betrayal and heartbreak. We got to travel to a church outside of the Cure compound and literally had the best time face painting. I must say, the guys on our trip were swarmed when the kids discovered that they could do a Spiderman design with face paint, and I thoroughly enjoyed observing that from a distance. I did absolutely love just being surrounded by kids excited to get some face paint, it was so great. We did some worship with them and headed back to the Cure hospital. The guys went and played football, while us ladies did some coloring and such. We made some really good walking tacos in Dorito bags, and we are actually playing a really fun round of mafia as I write this. I know that we can’t wait to tell you all about this once we are home! 

Lots of love, 


- Adia