KENYA Missions Trip - Day 4

KENYA Missions Trip - Day 4

Hey everyone! Today was our first official full day at CURE Internatinal in Kijabe.

We started off the day getting ready for our first African church service. We all dressed up and piled into two CURE vans to head out for church. The ride was one of the bumpiest we had ever experienced. Church lasted five hours, but It was one of the most amazing church services of our lives. Each member of the church participated in the service by singing, dancing, and praising. When they weren’t speaking in their native tongue, they were explaining the process in English. One of the coolest emphasis points was that we all serve and worship the same amazing God. We even took communion with them -- it was almost the same as it is at Woodmen! So cool!

We met a group of teenage attendees--we found out that they go to school 12 hours a day... We won’t be complaining about our school day anytime soon. They were lovely to meet and were just as interested in us as we were in them.

Tomorrow we are starting our first day working in the hospital with the kids. Please continue to pray, and thank you for all your support back on the home front.