Greece Team #4

We were back in Xarchia today to help Pastors Alex and Tim with creating space for refugee families on one of the level’s of Gods Church. They will begin renovating the area later this week to include enough space to house five families. Each family will have their own living quarters (along with restrooms complete with showers) and one of the spaces will be designed to provide access for a disabled family member. Then, families will share a kitchen, dining, living and laundry area outside of their rooms.

We spent time with Alex and Tim and listened to the story of how they were able to acquire such a building in the neighborhood and how they have been helping refugees for the past six years. They have put their lives and faith in the the hands of our Lord every step of the way on this journey. There were so many instances in their story where you could see how God has been working through them and answering their prayers.

Our lunch was prepared again by the same beautiful Moroccan family that we met on Tuesday. It was truly inspiring to hear more about their extended families, their struggles and the persecution that they have faced for believing in our Lord. Through all of the difficulties, they have kept their hope and faith in Christ our Savior.

- Tim