Estonia Update #6

Friday night was an exciting one with tons of board games going on, pancakes being made, and students having conversations at the Agape Kohvik (Cru Cafe). One such conversation happened very late at night when I asked a student if he wanted to do perspective cards (an evangelistic tools that helps people identify their worldview). He was a little reluctant at first but agreed to it participate as I started taking the cards out.

We talked about what his thoughts about the human condition, where his spiritual source of truth comes from, and what he thought about Jesus. After answering all of these we talked a bit more about God and if he exists. At this time other students started leaving but had to pass us on the way out and they over heard our conversation. They heard we were talking about spiritual things and they asked if they can join us. I told them "of course you can" and this happened over and over till there were about 8 students all hearing the word of God at the same time.

It was such an answer to prayer as this was the thing I was most eager to do, share the Love of God with the students of Estonia.

- Ryan