October Blog – Women's Ministry

October Blog – Women's Ministry

It was early morning, I had just finished reading about creation, Noah, the Ark and God’s amazing provision to see Christ in all of it. I decided to take my warm drink to the basement where we are finishing a room. The morning is a great time to view the previous night’s work because the light shifts and it’s brighter. I chose to go to the corner of the room and allow my eyes to wander over the walls looking for clarification on what needed to be done. As if observing a sculpture that is eleven by twelve feet my eyes crossed its many angles, lines, and forms. I found areas of discrepancies and the need for more work.

With drywall hung we had commenced to tape and mud every seam between the drywall boards. The task doesn’t seem that formattable when you start. But as I stood in the corner that morning, about a week ago, the sun streaming in, what I expected to see and what I saw were very different. I went into the room to observe the giant “sculpture” and see where we needed to sand, apply more mud and shape the walls into unmistakable flat surfaces with no lines. What took my breath away was God in the room …

That morning as I stood in the room to check how our latest coat of mud adhered to the seams the night before when this thought occurred to me: God’s masterful shaping of us from the dust of the earth and the rib of Adam astounded me. Can I express to you my sheer amazement of God’s craftsmanship in creation! You know that tears filled my eyes in awe of our God. Staring at the walls rediscovering in my mind the detail of His hand.

I am daily discovering the immense difficulty that is required to make the mud lay on the walls in near perfection so that the lines don’t show when paint will be applied 2 steps after this step. We are mudding and sanding seams; God created the world, us, and all the intricacy of a flower, our bodies, our minds, our atmosphere, so much detail … Our God is so perfectly amazing and profoundly just, steadfast, perfect and filled with grace. He molded us perfectly and accepts our imperfections through the grace of Jesus’ perfection. I was and am overwhelmed always by this.

This room will never be perfect, it’s human-formed. I will never be perfect without Jesus, without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit guiding me, and most assuredly, not without God. The Trinity is perfect, His forgiveness perfection, His grace immeasurable. I am praying you see Him as you go through your day and can admire, adore and worship in amazement and wonder our God who created all we are a part of each day.