Students - July 2021 - Nashville - Day 5

Students - July 2021 - Nashville - Day 5

Heya! This is Ellie and Zoe. Today was a really great day. We split into random groups this morning which was awesome because we got to hang with people we’re not usually with. Although neither of us got to aggressively rip down a play structure with an axe, Ellie’s group got to do some tedious jobs in order to clear some space in the church for needed things. And Zoe’s group got to move boxes, clean out rooms, and even try in some old choir robes. After we worked for about 4 hours at proclamation church, we headed back to the hotel and wrote some letters of encouragement to the teachers at Glenview and Whittset Elementary, schools that we’ve cleaned up over the past few days. From 4-6:30 pm, we had free time and hung out in the pool. Later, we ate dinner and the last three girls, Iris and Sammi and myself (Ellie) shared our testimonies. This was probably the most stretching moment of my day and I was so shaky. Although I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, I did it. Yay! After that, we played a a group game called fishbowl which was super fun and it brought us all together. Looking forward to our last day tomorrow at the water park. We had a really good time this week serving alongside Proclamation Church. 🐢

-Ellie Hood and Zoe Baker

For more pictures from the week, you can view our Smug Mug here: