Adults - Dominican Republic July 2021 Day 1 & 2

Our internet was down yesterday so this is from Tuesday:

At the Social Work site, there is a routine. In the morning the children come, we read a Bible story, and work on crafts. Today it was yarn giraffes. They came and read, laughed and chatted, and when the giraffes weren’t finished at the end of the time together, they cheered when Amalfi, out site leader, said they could return on Friday.

The second half of the day the women came—also for Bible study and crafts. But today, no one came. The heat was oppressive; nevertheless, we walked the streets of the small neighborhoods. We met a woman—Carmen—who was once a regular participant in the ministry. Today though, an injury to her back had kept her at home. We surrounded her and prayed. It was not part of the routine, but God met us at Carmen’s house today. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s “routine” will be.

- Susan