Students - July 2021 - Salt Lake City - Day 5

This beautiful morning we woke up to a whopping two drops of rain. We had a special breakfast with donuts to celebrate the birthday of one of our team members, Elianna! Then we headed to the Temple Square where we had another missions team joined us from California.

After, we ate lunch as we listened to Russ’s testimony. We went to a park where we met up with missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. With them we split into our travel groups to ask questions and learn more about their religion.

After that we went to the Blue House where we had a blast doing a free car wash and other little things around the place such as digging holes and raking mulch. Then we went back to Layton Christian Academy for an amazing spaghetti meal. For dessert, we went on a little adventure to get the famous Sonic slushees! We broke out to our groups for a debrief of the day. After a long day we finally went to an amazing night sleep! 

This blog was amazingly written by the fun Abby Wilfong and Shelby Cheesman


- Abby Wilfong and Shelby Cheesman