Students - July 2021 - Salt Lake City - Day 4

Bright lights and loud music; that was our wakeup call. We had breakfast and played (though some just watched) a spirited soccer game in the gym. After that, we headed out to start our day of service. 

Our first destination was Mustard Seed Food Pantry, where we unloaded food from a truck. It was hard work, but with sixty people all doing their share, the time flew by. For lunch we sat in a park and listened to Alfred’s inspiring testimony. It was amazing to hear such a moving story of God’s grace and how one volunteer can change so many lives. Towards the end of his testimony, a sweet lady named Jan was coming by where we were eating. We invited her to join, and she prayed with us at the end of Alfred’s story. We don’t know if we made a difference but we know that every effort counts. 

After lunch, we went to Salt Lake City Rescue Mission and did a few service projects around the facility. SLC Rescue Mission was actually founded by the same person who founded our own Springs Rescue Mission. It was fun to see the connections across cities. 

The afternoon started with loading a truck full of food. It was a fun and crazy experience with a lot of kids pitching in and working together. We then followed the truck over to a small apartment complex where we touched many families serving food. We brought the boxes out of the truck and laid them out in shaded areas, helping the families find what they wanted. Some of our team interacted with the kids in the area, and a few boys even shared the gospel with a boy who asked to know more. 

For dinner, we ate at a delicious Hawaiian restaurant and discussed the day. Then, for an epic climax to a wonderful day, we got to visit the site where the movie Sandlot was filmed. We played a baseball game and then headed over to East High, where High School Musical was filmed. The girls were fangirling and the boys were groaning as we took pictures, walked around the building and had an altogether super fun time. 

We’re excited for tomorrow and for another day of amazing and life-changing service to the community in Salt Lake City!

This blog post was written by the awesome girls of Hannah and Becca’s group: Ruby Crail, Taytum Pinyerd, Lily Richards, Greydi Neely, Kaileigh Davis and Juleen Smith!



- Ruby Crail, Taytum Pinyerd, Lily Richards, Greydi Neely, Kaileigh Davis and Juleen Smith