Students - July 2021 - Salt Lake City - Day 3

This morning, we were awaken from our restful slumber, to be met with a splendiferous breakfast of bagels, bananas, and a surprisingly diverse selection of cereal. After clearing out, we attended church at the Genesis Project, where we received a fantastic message from one of the church elders. We were then led on a tour of the campus, during which we learned a little bit about the transformation and development of the church building and how God has and continues to work in that community. Then, we were very graciously given the opportunity to pull weeds on the youth patio in support of DJ, the Genesis Project worship leader and youth pastor. (And overall, just a pretty cool dude :) After a good dose of manual labor in the scorching sun, we returned to Layton Christian Academy to enjoy some free time and have very yummy dinner.

Overall, the entire group was blessed with a fantastic opportunity today to see what God is doing throughout these churches and congregations. Just know that (and I know I speak for a large majority of this group when I say this) we are having a blast in Salt Lake City and are excited to see what God will do through us the rest of the week!

This blog entry was expertly written by the extremely talented individuals: Josiah Shipp and Andrew Gross


- Josiah Shipp and Andrew Gross