Students - Fort Collins - June 2021 - Day 3

Students - Fort Collins - June 2021 - Day 3

This morning we started by helping set up the stage for the church band. Today’s church service was a special one for the end of their big event, Wanna Giveaway, and all of it took place outside. The pastor shared a wonderful sermon about what the Genesis Project is and their mission to love others without strings attached. We performed one of our camp songs with the kids that came to camp the day before in front of the congregation.  

After that we had an early lunch and started getting ready for the festival. It started with us setting up games and making sure we all know what to do. It was so fun to see all the kids and leaders again and have fun connecting with the GP students. The event ended at around 3, lots of families showed up, and we had many different games and other things to do. The kids loved it a lot. At the end of the day, we took some free-time and had a nice dinner. After that, we heard from a guest speaker, Andrew, about his story and how God turned his life completely around and he turned his life to God. We also got to hang out with Graham more and pull weeds! Yay!

Tomorrow we end our trip with going to Elitches. It has been a blast and we are so grateful for this opportunity. 

-Steven Pope, Johnathan Mayberry & Kiefer Hartmann