Students Mexico - June 2021 - Day 6

Today was quite a blast! It started off with a very refreshing breakfast quesadillas with mushrooms and ham. After that fulfilling meal half of our group got started with finishing the painting job from the previous days while the other half got their dreaded COVID tests. We were involved with the first group painting and we spent backbreaking hours applying sealant and painting away the day. To our surprise, very little paint battles were fought today. The sheer amount of water we consumed is unlike anything previously heard of! The groups met up for lunch to feast on delicious tacos filled with steak and veggies. Lunch was concluded with the start of free time and the beginning of more spontaneous decisions. Timothy, Carly, Adia, and Jacob all got our hair dyed purple in various areas today, meaning all of the boys (Including Jackson and Tomas) are now dyed. Which was followed by a delightful siesta. My group took a beautiful journey to the closest clinic to get tested. We sang old 80s songs while waiting to get our noses brutally plundered by the seemingly long Q-tip. Thanks to the Lord watching over us, no one from either group tested positive so our ecstatic moods carried on, but were soon met with a POURING downfall of rain! We had to bolt it back to the van, but it was overwhelmingly fun and exciting. The rain carried over to our long suspenseful volleyball match between the Team members and the Village kids. It was inspiring seeing all these bumps, sets, and spikes in the ongoing lighting and thunder. It was almost like God was spectating out match. Once we were able to clean up and “dry off”, we headed over to dinner composed of glorious hot dogs that we consumed Joey Chestnut style. Pastor Bill gave us a message about Jesus calming the storm and casting out demons followed by some amazing testimonies from Ella, Carly, Samantha, Elliseo, and Tomas. The conclusion to our day was a jam-out sesh with some of the team members. Overall, everyone really enjoyed our last day helping out the base and interacting with the kids.

-Jacob Trowbridge and Timothy Davidson

(Also, HIIIII Mom and Dad I’ve been missing y’all and the fam, say hi to Avery and Jillian for me - Jacob T.

(Hi mom and dad, I’ve missed you guys a bunch and hope you guys have been having fun. -Tim D.)



- Jacob Trowbridge and Timothy Davidson