Students Mexico - June 2021 - Day 5

Today, we started the day strong with some massive pancakes! I put Nutella on mine:) After that, we set off to paint the children’s building that we started yesterday. It was delightful to scrape off all the dried paint from previous years. Avalon ended up with a humongous handful of paint in her mouth and all over her teeth! Once we finished our work, we were all eager to eat some lunch, and so we headed to the dining room and ate some food. We then had free time, which consisted of napping, playing on the merri-go-round, or vibing on the swing. I would say that today the most impactful opportunity that I experienced was going to the village. We gathered in the church and prayed for God to give us insight into who he wanted us to pray for; this resulted in a list of words, objects, and phrases that each person felt drawn to. We went into the village and looked for what these things could be leading us to. I was amazed by how successful our endeavor was, because multiple people accepted Jesus into their hearts and many believers were prayed for. I have never before seen God speak in that way! I was also inspired by the testimonies that were shared tonight. Goodnight Mom and Dad and Carter and EJ:) 

-Adia Byron


- Adia Byron