Students - Mexico - June 2021 - Day 4

We started our Monday morning with some yummy omelets and shortly after breakfast we began our work time. We scraped and painted various buildings around the base, and it was messy but fun!! We had some pasta for lunch and used our free time to prepare a skit for our village visit and play some volleyball. Then we headed out to hang out with the niños. When we got there, we walked around to people’s houses and invited them and their kids to a show at the park. We danced with the kids, played LOTS of tag (those kids are fast!!!) and did a bible story performance for the families. We had so much fun painting little girls’ nails and making friendship bracelets with them. They were adorable!!! Even though none of us are fluent in Spanish, the kids are very patient and help us to communicate effectively. 

After our time in the village, we came back to the base to eat dinner and had an awesome debrief session with worship and testimonies. 

Meeting the locals in the villages and people from the base has not only been a good opportunity to speak some Spanish, but overall so pleasant and refreshing. The community here is so unique and amazing! I cannot wait to get to know everyone more and see what more God will do. Adios!

-Carly Driscoll

p.s. To my friends and family-I love and miss you guys!!! :)


- Carly Driscoll