Students Mexico - June 2021 - Day 3

This morning we woke up a little earlier so that we could get to church. For breakfast, we had DELICIOUS eggs. Soon after, we all piled in the van and left for church, one hour away. The drive was absolutely stunning. The mountains do really declare the glory of God! Once we got to church, we went on a tour of the new building. Everyone enjoyed church a lot and, even though it was in Spanish, we were able to listen to translators to understand what was being taught. The worship at church was awesome!

After the service, we all ate a delicious lunch in the church building. It was a celebration for Father’s Day (Dia de Padre)! While we were still at the church we got to eat some fresh mangos! They were delicious but very messy. There’s probably still mango stuck in between my teeth while I’m writing this!! A little later, we hopped back in the bus and drove to a village and did outreach activities (singing, dancing, story and games). The children there had a blast, and so did we. I think I can say on behalf of the entire team that the smiles of the children in Nuevo Milenio made our day. We drove back to the base and devoured dinner. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! God is doing amazing things!


-Lindsay Moore (LOVE YOU MOM!!!)


- Lindsay Moore