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The abbreviations for the groups (RR, WH, MO, SW) indicate the Woodmen campus the leader attends, but you can join any group you’d like.

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NameScheduleType of GroupCampusSpecialty GroupsRegister
MO-28 - Dancing Bear Lane - KjeldgaardThursday at 7:00 PMIn-PersonMonument 
MO-43 - Sloan Lane - CookSunday at 6:15 PMIn-PersonMonument 
OL-2-Online - BoerrigterWednesday at 6:30 PMOnlineOnline 
RR-1 - Sand Rock Point - Ingham/GossTuesday at 6:30 PMIn-PersonRockrimmon 
RR-13- Summer Breeze Drive Circle - ShontsTuesday at 6:30 PMIn-PersonRockrimmon 
RR-18-DI - Golden Meadow Way - HarleyThursday at 7:00 PMIn-PersonRockrimmon 
RR-27 - N Royer Street - VolzThursday at 6:30 PMIn-PersonRockrimmon 
RR-38 - Dancing Horse Drive - RathkeMonday at 6:00 PMIn-PersonRockrimmon 
RR-40-DI - Paisley Drive - Irons (Childcare available)Tuesday at 6:30 PMIn-PersonRockrimmonChildcare Provided
RR-63 - Hidden Brook Circle - FloreaTuesday at 6:30 PMIn-PersonRockrimmon 
SW-1 - Dunston Street - GateleyThursday at 7:00 PMIn-PersonSouthwest 
WH-10 - Kittyhawk Road - ForsethSunday at 2:00 PMIn-PersonWoodmen Heights 
WH-16 - Filarees Circle - Boughton (Kids welcome)Wednesday at 6:00 PMIn-PersonWoodmen Heights 
WH-36 - Red Cavern Road - DrakeThursday at 7:00 PMIn-PersonWoodmen Heights