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Before You Begin...

Make sure to have the following information available, as you'll need to complete the app in one sitting.

  • Completed Resume – list 3 references: 1 personal and 2 professional with email addresses and phone numbers
  • Links to two videos of you leading worship/playing an instrument (if applying for a worship speciality)
  • Link to a sample or Portfolio of your designs (if applying for a creative speciality)
  • A 60-second video of why you would like to be a Woodmen Leadership Resident

About You

Your Journey

Your Experience



Available specialities are: Communications Strategy, Community Partnership, Connect and Grow, Graphic Design, IT, Kids, Pastoral, Prison Ministry, Students, Videography, Worship Leader, Worship Tech.

Please indicate the top two specialities in which you are interested, in order of interest.

Song List – (Please sing/play the whole song)

VOCALS: "No Other Name" by Hillsong (melody) and "This I Believe" by Hillsong (harmony)
KEYS: "In Christ Alone" by Passion and "He Lives" by Church of the City
ACOUSTIC: "O Come to the Altar" by Elevation and "Love So Great" by Hillsong

*Please upload a smartphone recording of you singing the vocal songs above in a key of your choice. You may sing along with an MP4 or with live accompaniment.

*If possible, please include a video link of you singing/playing in a live worship or performance setting that best displays your musical abilities.

Additional Information