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Why Party?

The Bible calls each of us to "love your neighbor as yourself." But how do we connect the dots between those words written thousands of years ago and our lives in 2017? How do we begin to make loving our neighbors a way of life? 

Many of us are so busy with the hectic pace of work and family that we don't even know our neighbors' names. But this fall, we want to take the first step together. Instead of doing a big fall event at a Woodmen campus, we're encouraging folks to host parties in their own neighborhoods. 

Imagine the people of Woodmen hosting dozens of parties in living rooms and front yards all across the Front Range. What could God do if each community group rallied during the week of October 8 - 14 to build relationships in their part of town? 

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Let's Party!

You can join the fun by hosting a party at your place. You choose the time, you choose the place. The goal of these parties is not to evangelize your neighborhood, it's simply to cultivate relationships. We're talking about a genuine, unconditional care and concern for others. It might be a little messy and that's OK. It might not always be easy. But it's worth it. 

You can start out small. Maybe it's just a front yard hang out over some chips and dip. Or you can include some family fun with games and crafts for the kids. Or maybe you like to talk over dinner. You can do that too! It's your party, so you can choose what works for you and your neighbors. 

Woodmen wants to help make your party awesome. So we've pitched in to foster relationships in your neighborhood. 

Party Ideas

To take the party-planning-pressure off of you, we've included some party ideas. These are just a starting point for your get-together. We've also provided invitations (below) for you. All you have to do is fill in the date, time and place and hand them out to your neighbors.  You can find even more party planning help below. 

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Salsa on the Sidewalk

Throw together a simple and easy gathering on the sidewalk in front of your house in the evening with salsas and chips and sodas! Make ahead or buy some of your favorite salsa, chips and soda. Keep it casual or get a little fancy by making a salsa bar with a variety of salsas, like tomato, watermelon, mango or even strawberry. Add some guacamole too, if you desire. Serve with chips and sodas on a table set up along your sidewalk or patio, place some soda or water bottles on ice in a tub and invite your neighbors to stroll on by and enjoy!


Salsa(s) - Guacamole - Chips - Drinks


Donuts on the Driveway

For a quick and easy gathering of your neighbors, invite them to your deck or your driveway for donuts. This gathering is easy to put together, just pick up a few dozen of your favorite donuts with a variety for adults and kids alike. An alternative idea could be DESSERT ON THE DECK if you didn't want to serve donuts. 


Donuts - Coffee - Tea - Orange Juice


S'mores and Fire pit


s'mores - hot chocolate & tea


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Punkin' Party

Gather up the punkin' around your neighborhood for this fall themed party. Pumpkin carving or painting is a real crowd pleaser and gets the party started right. Pumpkin themed games followed by pumpkin bread and lattes make this party easy to host.  


Pumpkin Bread - Pumpkin Spice Lattes


Family Fiesta

Who doesn't love a taco? Tacos are easy to customize for individual tastes -- set up a topping bar and let everyone make it their own way. Fun crafts and activities with a fiesta theme are easy for kids and parents to participate in together. 


Walking Tacos - Street SaladBaked Crescent Churros 


Pancakes & Pajamas

Enjoy morning breakfast (or breakfast for dinner) gathered on your front porch and lawn with your neighbors! Set up your outdoor grill and add a stovetop or cast iron griddle to the top of your grill rack and it transforms to an outdoor griddle! Or make your pancakes ahead of time and keep them warm in your oven ready to bring out and serve. Use a table or bench to set up a mini buffet where your neighbors can serve themselves. Bring out your camp chairs or throw some blankets or quilts on your lawn for casual seating and enjoy chatting with your neighbors!


Pancakes - Fresh Fruit - Coffee, Tea & Juice


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Soup Night

What better way to enjoy a fall evening than with a bowl of soup and some new friends? Soup night by its very nature is a casual get together. Soup's a great meal to make when you don’t know how many people are coming. You can stretch it by adding toppings to it. And if you have too much, neighbors can take some leftovers home. If you want to, you can add on the invitation for each person to bring their favorite bowl from home, most unique bowl or bowl with the best story.


Soup - Salad - French Bread


Chili & Cornbread

Having a Monday night football party? Serve the crew some chili & cornbread. It's easy to prepare in advance and keep warm in a crockpot. Whip up the cornbread during the pregame show and you're ready for some football! 


chili - cornbread - dessert


Nacho Bar


Nachos - Drinks - Dessert Nachos


  • Set up a Nacho bar to allow your guest to make a custom creation

Meet and Mingle

Host a cozy gathering inside your home and invite your neighbors to come and mingle! Make some savory meatballs to serve alongside some mashed potatoes or rice with some piping hot beverages like coffee or hot cider. Put your crockpots to good use and make the meatballs and cider ahead of time. Just imagine the hot cider filling up your home with a pleasing aroma as your neighbors walk through your door for an evening of mingling!


Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs - Mashed Potatoes or Rice - Hot Cider and/or Coffee


  • Buy a bag or two of frozen meatballs, mix up the cranberry cocktail sauce and add to your crockpot with the meatballs and cook per instructions on meatball package. 

LOVE WELL in Your Neighborhood

We hope these suggestions have given you some easy and do-able ideas for your gathering. Martin Luther said, "God does not need your good work, but your neighbor does." Let's love our neighbors well this fall!

Share your party with us! Whether it's planning, hanging out or cleaning up. We'd love to see your photos on instagram or facebook at #neighborhoodpartyWVC

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