Leading kids to know, love and serve Christ

In Woodmen Kids, we love teaching God’s word in a fun and safe environment. Awana is a structured program that provides Scripture-rich experiences to help kids know, love and serve Christ. Each week the kids participate in enriching Bible lessons, fun games and powerful scripture memorization.

Due to current circumstances, we are not able to offer an in-person Awana program from this 2020-21 club year.

Staying on Track with Awana
Awana is designed for kids to work through one book per year, so we would encourage your children to finish one book at home this year in order to stay on track. As kids work through sections in their book, we will allow parents/guardians to sign off on completed verses and will track completions when we return in person.

Purchasing Books
If your child plans to continue their Awana book at home, we have an opportunity for you to purchase books at our discounted member rate. Please email Sarah Chittenden if you would like to purchase books.

Awards & Other Supplies
Due to the number of kids in our Awana program, we are not able to provide weekly or year-end awards this year. We encourage you to work with your child to find some other award system or incentives to keep them motivated! Some ideas might include a sticker shart for every verse recited, filling a jar with rocks/marbles, or a special outing/treat at the completion of each section.

If you have any other questions or want to connect with someone further, please reach out to your child's specific Club Director:

RR Cubbies (Preschool) – Richard & Susan Pantle
RR Sparks (K-2nd Grade) – Mauricio & Janell Aparicio
RR T&T (3rd-6th Grade) – Jake & Katie Greiner
RR Trek (7th & 8th Grade) – Peter & Jessica Newland
RR Journey (9th-12th Grade) – Kim Burson

WH Cubbies (Preschool) – Kevin & Tesia Hoerner
WH Sparks (K-2nd Grade) – Keith & Megan Spilman
WH T&T (3rd-6th Grade) – April Cady & Marion Johnson
WH Trek (7th & 8th Grade) – Jamie Pate
WH Journey (9th-12th Grade) – Mark Robinson

Woodmen Kids Assistant Director
– Sarah Chittenden, email or 719.388.4968