Huddle Up!

We’re excited about what God has in 2021! As El Paso County opens up more, we see new ways for Woodmen to be the church. in addition to meeting on-campus in larger gatherings, we’re coming together in small groups (Huddles) in homes all around the Pikes Peak region to engage with Woodmen online worship services and fellowship together. 

What’s a Huddle?

It’s faith, families and fun. It’s more about care and less about crowds. More welcome and less worry. A Huddle is a group of folks meeting in a relaxed setting to view our online worship service. It’s new friends or old, looking to connect, grow and navigate this uncharted season together.  Lot's of Huddles are made up of two or three families who live in the same part of town. 

What DO we do in a Huddle?

We’ll watch the worship service together. Then, most groups will hang out and chat for a bit. Your host may throw out a couple questions to get the conversation going. You’ll have a chance to share ideas about the truths that surfaced in the worship and sermon, and to hear from others on how to apply these concepts to our lives today. Some Huddles may share a snack of a meal together.

What DO we learn?

We’re stoked about our current teaching series! We’re diving into the New Testament book of First Corinthians, for a series called Willing & Able. Through exploring Paul's encouragement to the first-century church in the city of Corinth, we'll discover timeless truths that can unite us to live life on-mission as God’s people in Colorado today.

Where DO we meet?

Huddles meet in homes all across the Pikes Peak region. There’s probably a huddle coming together right in your neighborhood! Homes make it easy to get to know others in a relaxed setting. 

When DO we meet?

Huddles meet once each week. You can find a time that fits your life. Some Huddles meet on Sunday mornings. Others meet on different evenings throughout the week.


To view times and locations for Huddles that are ready for you to join, CLICK HERE. If you have more questions CLICK HERE to view our FAQ page.