El Salvador Mission Trip - Day 5

Hello from El Salvador! What another wonderful day we have been blessed with in this amazing country.

Today started out with a Team breakfast followed by a 2 hour bus ride to our Compassion Project location (ES720). As we arrived, there was a line of children awaiting us outside. A few of the children were holding balloons with our names on them. With a smile we were led to the worship center, as they held our hands. As we entered the church we were greeted with our country's national anthem being played over the sound system. I continue to be blown away by the hospitality in this county. It just floors me every time I think about how we came to serve, and yet we are the ones being served. 


After a time of worship with their music team (awesome, by the way) and staff introductions we were given a tour to show the multiple areas that children and youth learn. They have computer labs and english workshops and even a bakery class. The coolest thing I noticed about the bakery was not only are they being taught a trade, but the church sells their products and creates a savings account for them from a portion of the proceeds. This money is then saved to put towards college education. Such an amazing way to teach kids to be good stewards with the money that God blesses them with. 


During lunch, we were blessed with the testimony of a girl named "Tatiana Edith Soriano Mangandi".  A 17 year old soccer star here who is a beneficiary of Compassion and showed just how much sponsorships help. She has been blessed with a gift of athletics and a love for Jesus, and uses her opportunities with sports to spread the word and evangelize to those she comes in contact with. Already having had opportunIties to represent the country through futbol (aka Soccer) it's obvious that God has plans for that young woman.


After lunch we divided into 2 teams. Team 1 was to lead a parenting bible study with the parent(s) of the children and Team 2 was to work with the children. Tim and Mason shared various scriptures from the bible discussing the biblical structure of family, and what the word says about children and how raise them to the group of parents, while the other group spent time working with the kids, sharing bible stories, singing songs, and other activities.


Overall the whole day was amazing. I continue to thank God everyday for the opportunity to be here with this team and serving God in this beautiful place. We were given small mementos as we left -- some local coffee and some in house krafts they make to sale. But it's the memories that will stay with us forever that is truly the gift here,  This has already been such an amazing trip and we are barely halfway. So thankful to see what God is doing in these places and what he is doing with us.