ACTS Rockrimmon

ACTS Rockrimmon

We believe God planted us in Colorado Springs for a reason. So while we also serve in other countries and contexts around the world, our ACTS team focuses on sharing God’s love right here in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City and beyond.

We partner with Westside Community Center, D-20 Elementary Schools, West Elementary, and Midland Elem in D-11

Please contact your campus ACTS Coordinator for more information or with any questions you have about how we serve the people in Colorado Springs.

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Rockrimmon ACTS Snacks

ACTS Snacks provides nutritious snacks for children who come to school hungry or for snack time in the classroom.

Woodmen Rockrimmon is partnering with seven D-20 schools, providing 1,200 snacks each month. To support this ministry, food donations can be dropped off in any food collection bin. Acts-Snacks-Logo-01-web-500.png

Individually packaged, snack sized nut free snacks to include:
  • Pretzels, sun chips, goldfish, cheez-its, popcorn
  • fruit juice snacks
  • animal crackers
  • pirate booty snack puffs
  • applesauce cups
  • chocolate chip chewy granola bars
  • fig bars
  • nutrigrain bars
  • pop tarts
  • z bars
  • raisins/ yogurt covered raisins
  • dried fruit
  • cheese filled crackers
  • Saltines & Graham Crackers
  • Boxes of plain Cheerios, Life, Golden Grahams
  • Dixie Cups to serve cereal in

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