Serve with us

Early Childhood (Birth - Kindergarten):

• Rockrimmon: Sue Mitchell
• Heights: Mindy Harrington
• Gleneagle: Lindsay Barker

Early Elementary (Grade 1-4):

• Rockrimmon: Hannah Pantle
• Woodmen Heights: Kara Nolle
• Gleneagle: Lindsay Barker

56 (Grade 5-6):

• 56 (5th & 6th Grade): Kirby Neely  CC: Heidi Kruse

AWANA (age 3 - High School):

• Awana: Stacey Hightchew


Special Needs (Access): Emily Emerson  CC: Eloise Burges

SERVE in Midweek Children's Programming (2016-17)

Midweek Children's Programming exists to support WVC ministries that have requested childcare for their scheduled events. We are a "partnership" supporting parents with a quality environment, teaching age-appropriate Bible stories in fun and creative methods. There is no charge for our midweek children's programming. We simply ask parents to serve once or twice time as an assistant during the semester. Thank you in advance for serving in our midweek children's programming. You are making an eternal investment in the lives of our children. Should you have any questions during this process, contact Sue for the RR campus or contact Mindy at the WH campus.

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