Pray & Give to Rockrimmon Phase 2

Becoming a Partner

Partners in the Gospel is designed as an initiative to raise the funds needed to see new spaces for kids and community come to life. There are two ways you can participate as we answer God's call together to renovate our facilities to better serve and reach our community with the message of the gospel.


Thank God for His grace and provision for Woodmen over throughout it's existence. Pray that He’ll continue to guide and shape us in ways that conform to His heart. Ask Him to give us the resources and the desire to give generously and sacrificially to realize the vision He has set before us. Thank Him in faith for what he will do as we respond in obedience. 


We’ll all need to play our part to realize this God-sized vision. As you consider how God might call you to invest in the life of our church, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind: The people of each campus will fund their own project, so your contributions will go directly to work at Rockrimmon. Donations for the initiative are not in place of regular tithes and offerings to support the work of ministry; rather these gifts are above and beyond regular giving.

Gifts can be received at any time. We're trusting God in the hope that we can welcome kids into these new classrooms for the holiday season of 2018. To help us stay on track toward this goal, we'll call the church to several special "Weeks of Giving" over the coming months.  We're asking each family who calls Rockrimmon their home campus to prayerfully consider giving $200-per-month for four months (March, April, May and June, 2018) in addition to their regular tithes and offerings. We've crunched the numbers and this approach will keep us on track to have the entire amount raised in time for families to experience and enjoy the new kids spaces this Christmas Eve. Of course we know that every family is different, so God may call some to give thousands of dollars, while others may not be able to give at all. We believe the $200-a-month figure is a good starting place as each of us seeks God's guidance about our part in this vital work.

When you're ready to give, there are lots of easy, secure ways you can support the initiative. However you give, be sure to designate the Rockrimmon campus and “Partners in the Gospel.” 

Online: Make a one-time gift or arrange a recurring transfer:

Give Online

Weekend services: Place cash or checks in the offering at any weekend service.

Mail: Send your check to our office:     
Woodmen Valley Chapel

290 East Woodmen Road

Colorado Springs CO 80919

To give stocks or bonds, or to make a pledge, contact our by email Finance Staff or call Suzanne at 388-4934.

Thank you. However you choose to contribute, your generous giving makes a difference!

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