Kids are a Big Deal

The gospels make it clear that children hold a special place in the heart of Jesus. We want to be a church that welcomes little ones to experience God’s love in their early years and helps moms and dads feel at home. 

Yet in our current campus layout, parents have to drop off their infants in an entirely separate building before coming to the Worship Center for our service. Imagine how that might feel as a new mother or father visiting for the first time. Not awesome, right? In addition, a family with a kid in elementary school and a second child in preschool currently has to walk between three different buildings to check in their kids and get to the worship service, and then repeat the circuit before heading home.

Our new lower level will be home to 10 brand new classrooms designed for brand new kids … actually, for kids from birth through kindergarten. 

Meanwhile, upstairs in the auditorium, parents will be able to fully engage in worship and God’s Word, knowing their kids are safe nearby.



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