Rockrimmon: A Culture of Community


Community – Christ calls the church to care about people and relationships, so we want to make a spot for people to connect in a relaxed setting. What if we had a first-rate coffee shop that not only served amazing espressos, but also became a destination for to know each other and to grow in their faith? What if the audio-visual equipment in our auditorium made it look and sound less like a gym and more like a worship center?

We’ll see these ideas come to life through the Partners in the Gospel initiative. We believe this is the work God is calling us to in this season, and that these changes will set us up to reach northeast Colorado Springs for years to come.

Technology – Each weekend we come together as a church body to learn and lift up the name of Christ. The regular meeting of God’s people in worship has been a core part of the life of God’s people for centuries. In our modern, multi-site approach to worship, technology is vital in allowing us to share God’s grace and love with Christ-followers and seekers each weekend.

Key components in our worship audio, video, and lighting systems are more than 13 years old, and so outdated that replacement parts are no longer made. Our tech team has kept these systems running as long as possible. But in order to continue to serve our church family as well as our community with excellence, it’s time to replace this equipment. As always, our team will be careful stewards of the funds given, researching the most economical solutions to meet the congregation’s needs.

This new equipment will allow us to continue to consistently deliver crystal clear audio and vibrant video quality for years to come, so that the technology never detracts from the message as we gather to song praise and to learn from God’s word.

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