A Culture of Community

We believe God is leading us to develop this redesigned Wworship Center lower level as a catalyst for greater ministry impact in the years and generations ahead. Here’s a closer look at the key areas that will be renovated through this initiative:

Roof – Not a very glamorous place to begin, but sometimes it makes sense to start at the top. The Worship Center roof is more than 20 years old. Our facilities team has done a great job maintaining it, but in recent years the roof leaks whenever it rains. This causes ongoing damage to carpets, ceilings and infrastructure—and it’s getting worse. So replacing the roof will be step one.


Coffee Shop – Imagine a coffee shop with amazing espressos, pour overs, sandwiches and more. A place where you can stop in for a quick, locally-roasted coffee after a service, or linger for a pumpkin spice latte and a quiet conversation with close friends on a chilly morning. Across the room you see neighbors connecting over scripture, and a friendly barista is serving a family hot chocolates topped with swirls of fresh whipped cream. Now imagine this hub of community and caring is right in your church. That would be sweet, right?

The new coffee shop will play a big role in the life of our campus. Let’s be honest, great coffee is a big draw in our city, and the local coffee culture aligns with who we want to be as a church: There’s an emphasis on community, relationships and deep conversations. Coffee culture invites us to slow down and get to know our neighbors’ names. We believe God can use this atmosphere to help Woodmen feel like home for you and for guests on the verge of finding a church.

Gathering Spaces – The new lower level will also feature two great gathering places. A large open space adjacent to the coffee shop will be a natural spot for spiritual conversations and for saying hello to old friends and making new ones. There will also be a multipurpose room, perfect for classes and groups up to 150 to learn, fellowship and worship.

The roof, the coffee shop and these two gathering spaces make up phase one of the Rockrimmon initiative. The work will take us from the rafters to the basement, all serving to better connect people to the life-changing message of the gospel.

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