Rockrimmon Phase 2

If you’ve been around Woodmen for a while, you’ve heard us talk about the Partners in the Gospel initiative. This initiative encompasses a vision to meet facilities challenges at each Woodmen campus. We believe God is calling us to catch hold of this vision and see it come to life through our prayers and financial gifts.

At Rockrimmon, the challenge is about kids and community. Phase 1 of the Rockrimmon initiative, which opened last month, set us up with great spaces for community and building relationships. We’re rejoicing in the ways we came together as a congregation to pray and financially support this vision. If you haven’t yet had a chance to stop by our new coffee shop, 1979 Coffee, visit soon and enjoy a drink and some conversation.

Rockrimmon Phase 2 Initiative


Little Kids are a Big Deal

Phase two of our Rockrimmon Partners in the Gospel initiative is for the kids. We want to be a church that welcomes little ones to experience God’s love and helps moms and dads feel at home. Yet our current campus layout forces parents to drop off infants in a separate building before coming to the worship center for our service. Imagine how that might feel as a new mother or father visiting for the first time. Not awesome, right?

We want to create a fun, secure, kid-friendly space in the lower level. So Phase two of the lower level will be home to nine brand new classrooms designed for brand new kids … actually, for kids from birth through five-years-old. There’ll be big rooms for songs and fun, along with smaller rooms for learning in smaller groups. There’ll be bathrooms adjacent to each class to make things safe and convenient. Meanwhile, upstairs in the worship auditorium, parents will be able to fully engage in singing and studying God’s word, knowing their kids are safe nearby.

Together, we’re asking God to enable us to raise $1.3 million dollars to make this second phase a reality. It’s a big goal, but our God is bigger. Will you pray with an open heart about how God might call you to partner in this goal to serve the needs of families? Our hope is to see these rooms open in time for the holidays in 2018. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to welcome kids, moms and dads to Woodmen next Christmas?


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