Creating a Special Needs Life Plan


Sep 12 - Oct 3


Rockrimmon Campus
Rockrimmon Elementary Building Room 212


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“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them”-Romans 12:6

When you think about your child’s future, do you feel … AT PEACE? - HOPEFUL? - SECURE? 

THERE ARE SO MANY UNCERTAINTIES TO THINK ABOUT…Will my child be happy? - Healthy? - Included? - Will they meet their potential?


WHAT IF something happens to me and I can no longer take care of and provide for them?

Families who have a member with special needs must become skilled information gatherers and planners. This responsibility is

one that is often resisted because of the pressures of daily life and the emotional challenge of recognizing one’s own mortality. 

Our purpose is to help parents & caregivers start to navigate the complexities of planning for their loved one.

Week 1: Life Planning

Week 2: Resource and Financial Planning

Week 3: Legal Planning

Week 4: Putting it together; Individualized Plans and Application

Registration closed on Tuesday, September 13, 2022