Students United Service

Event: Students United Service


All Middle School and High School students are encouraged to join us for a high energy night of worship, teaching and fun as all of our campuses come together. Bus transportation will be available to bring your student from our other campuses and back again.

Woodmen Heights and Monument will be required to complete the bus waiver that is available here.

Relationships presentation:

Do I really need a best friend when my Snapscore is so high and I have tons of followers on Instagram? Is it possible to make a real romantic connection via the Internet? And why should I talk to someone face to face when I can just text? On one level, these are questions students ponder. But on a deeper level, there’s a longing for more, for the deep, dynamic, rich relationship for which God created us. Yet in this era of technology and “followers,” teens don’t know where to look for nor how to cultivate such relationships. This presentation is about rediscovering the deep need we all have to know and be known and to experience the kind of authentic intimacy for which we were created.



Once at 2/25/2018 5:00:00 PM


Rockrimmon Gym and Worship Center


Scarlett Easley
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(719) 388-4935