Safety & Security

Helping and Protecting

The Safety & Security Team is an all-volunteer group dedicated to the physical and medical safety of all who attend Woodmen Valley Chapel, with the goal to provide protection and assistance to all campuses in a caring and non-distracting manner.

Safety & Security

About us

Due to the developments in our country regarding incidents involving churches, Woodmen established the Campus Safety Ministry in 2008. The Woodmen Valley Chapel Team is comprised entirely of an all-volunteer staff. This team is overseen by three staff members from Woodmen Valley Chapel. Campus Safety provides over 40 hours of training yearly.  For the team members, this is in addition to their duties serving the attendees of Woodmen Valley Chapel services and special events.

The members of this team work at all campuses and are appointed to protect those who attend Woodmen Valley Chapel services/events.  Members will respond to safety issues as the need arises.

The Campus Safety Team also assists the Campus Guide/Parking Teams. The purpose of this team is to assist incoming guests to the parking lots, with finding available parking spaces, and as vehicles exit, assist the traffic flow in congested areas inside the parking lots. This team primarily helps for larger events during the holidays.  Volunteers are always needed in advance.

Contact the Safety & Security Team

Do you wish to contact the Director of the Campus Safety team?

Contact Dave Johnson,  Campus Safety Director, by email or phone 719.388.4944
Paul Matthys, Campus Safety Training and Development, by email or phone 719.388.4982


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