Elementary (Grades 1-4)

We believe kids are a gift from God and as such should be cared for and equipped with the necessary tools that prepare them for the plan God has for their lives. Through the guidance of God's word and the Holy Spirit, kids are given a strong spiritual foundation that fosters a biblical worldview and the belief that no matter what happens in their life, they will always have their faith, hope and the love of Jesus Christ to carry them through.

We want to see kids are engaged and wanting to learn more about God's plan for their lives. We want to allow experiences that creates excitement within the family unit and encourages parents to be involved. 


We come from many backgrounds but all have the same incredible drive to teach, lead and encourage our elementary aged kids with a passion for God's truth. 
  • Sarah Chittenden - Rockrimmon Elementary
  • Heather Frabbiele - Interim Woodmen Heights Elementary
  • Lindsay Barker - Monument Woodmen Kids  


Our TRU curriculum helps kids and their families connect to God, find their place in His Big God Story and respond to Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. Each TRI Curriculum begins in the home with a pre-teach that we send via email each week. The pre-teach is an overview of what we will be teaching the kids that next week. Our desire is that parents begin the teaching in their homes, discussing with their children the story we will cover in the coming week. The pre-teach allows parents to be the primary teachers of their children's faith. We then come alongside and support that teaching on the weekend.

We use TruStory for 1st-4th graders. This curriculum invites children to find their place in the The Big God Story.The components of the lessons:

  • Anticipate: Children engage in fun, creative activities designed to pique their curiosity about the days portion of The Big God Story.
  • Celebrate: Children participate in traditions, connect through fun questions and activities, experience The Big God Story through creative storytelling techniques, and respond to God in worship--all within the faith community.
  • Respond: Children respond to what the Holy Spirit is teaching them as they reflect on the day's portion of The Big God Story, engage in relationship and create meaningful expressions of their worship to God individually or together.
  • Bless: Children are blessed through a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words of encouragement and guidance.