El Salvador Mission Trip - Day 4

Monday brought a trip to the ocean area and a project where moms and babies were front and center. La Libertad was the city, 0885 was the project, and CSP was the Child Survival Program for moms and babies from birth to one year. As we arrived, moms and babies were there to welcome us. Most of the moms were excited to see us but the wee ones were a bit more timid. A few of the chicos were brave enough to look at us and maybe even shake our hands.


The pastor and project director welcomed us and introduced a program of singing, giving a Bible devotional, dancing a national dance in long, flowing skirts, and showing off the little ones in their "professional" attire. Most of the children were dressed as doctors, nurses, policemen, engineers and other vocations. Proud moms paraded their children for all to see their dreams for their children.


After the program, we toured the facility to see their workshops - a sewing room and a cosmetology area. There were moms there with babies who would spend time on colorful mats with toys, etc while mom was able to study and learn a worthy, life-time skill that could be used to support her family.  Many of us purchased scarves from the sewing center. Other workshops were for learning computers and baking.


We were able to pass out blankets made by Legacy with personal toiletries inside to each of the moms. Other gifts from Woodmen included baby clothes that were donated by individuals. (Praise God for those who were willing to give.) In the afternoon, we visited homes and prayed for the families represented.

Monday was a day well spent serving others. Thank you to all who have given so we could be here.